Monday, December 16, 2013


Today I am working on something I have been looking forward to for a very long time. My first child's first Christmas photo shoots! I can't wait to share with you all the final results but for now I'll leave you with a little teaser because I still have to do a lot of editing and fixing up the house so I can do some more photos as well and some with Button, Darling and myself later today. I'll post all of the Christmas photos on one post once it is all said and done but for now you'll have to be satisfied with just this one.
Darling and I have been discussing some stuff about my business and are finally ready to do some real investment into my job and passion of photography. It's a little daunting because, in part, it’s just so expensive of an investment (we're looking at around $3,000 and then $100 a month for advertisement). A part of me is so ready to step out and have more jobs, take photos, and bring so much joy to other though my art but another part of me knows that things like daycare and babysitting is inevitable when running a full time business and, for me, that is the biggest sacrifice; even more then the money! Waking up to that little face, chasing Button around the house while he giggles, watching him learn to talk and walk. These are the moments I live for and though I am ready to let go a little and take more time to better my life it’s hard to feel like in a way it’s at the cost of bettering his life. Though, I know this isn't true. 
Darling is right when he said that I need this. I am not my child and my child is not me, I see that more and more as he grows and learns and becomes so much more than just my little baby and I know that just because I had a child doesn't mean my life is that child. I am still me; I have dreams and ambitions also and denying me those things because I feel it would benefit my child is both wrong and silly. So I will take in all the moments we have together, all the times we chase each other around the house, I will continue taking photos and being the best house wife and mommy I can; just, as I strive to be the photographer I know is in me and capture those same moments for others. 

I am so excited about this time in our lives, Button is changing and growing in so many ways, Darling is progressing and prospering in his new job and now, so soon will I. Today I'm am editing family photos and making my house a home, tomorrow I take on the world. 


  1. I babysit for a photographer who works out of her home. Use or sittercity and see if there's someone who will accept $6-8 an hour, just fot a few hours whenever you have a shoot. This is for after you invest cause I definitely think you should!

  2. Thank's that is a great idea. I will totally have to look in on that! Also, thank you for the sweet remark. ♥