Monday, December 30, 2013


The year is rapidly ending and as it does my mind is filled with dreams of a tasty, beautiful garden, Buttons first birthday (holy cow these is only three months left!), and a nice, clean, put together home. Goals and ambitions want to flood me making me anxious, yet already a bit overwhelmed for this coming year; yet, in a good way. For the first time since I got married, it feels like the beginning. I suppose, in a way, it is. Though having a baby was something I have never done before, I had been a nanny before so I was used to caring for children and such... but as Button gets older it feels different. When he was so little there wasn't much but tedious routine after routine and now, everything is new. He is starting to see the world through his own eyes with his own personality and it is beautiful. Everything he touches I want to touch, to see, to relearn in a way. This New Year brings with it so many firsts for us. I want to relish in it; take it in and become new again like my little son. Lives are crazy sometimes but, take the moments you get slowly, feel, touch, learn again. 
Yes, this year is ending so fast but oh the joys that await us this coming season; which, I hope to share with all of you. Together we can begin this chapter a-new. 

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