Monday, December 9, 2013

All Dressed Up

As promised, here is the photo dump I just HAD to post on my amazingly adorable Button.

For Halloween, he "painted" a pumpkin with dyed yogurt. The photos aren't too great but I'm a sucker for sharing so hope you all enjoy them anyways. It's hard to get a good photo of a squirmy, excited little boy with yogurt, you know.
He really loved playing and painting. I did my best to encourage him to paint the pumpkin which actually helped a lot. Can't say it was easy letting him get so messy but I think it was good for both of us to just jump in and enjoy the moment.
Once Button was done painting he decided it was much more entertaining to try and eat a yogurt covered pumpkin than just the yogurt itself. That's when mommy decided we were done. Ha.
The "paint" didn't dry well on the pumpkin, to be honest. It ended up being all sticky, clear and started to mold rather fast so it got tossed the next day. I'm just glad we had a good time together playing and making a mess and at least it got to sit on the porch for Halloween night. 

After playing in the bath and getting nice and clean again, I got him all dressed up and ready to help mommy hand out candy.

Button actually only stayed up until seven so he only got to hand candy out to two little kids but at least we had a fun time playing with the mirror all dressed up and I made sure to sneak Darling in to Button's room when he got home from work so he could see his foxy little boy.

I can't wait until next year when Button is a little older and we can take him trick or treating. I look at these photos and think ' oh my goodness how times fly'. He's already nine months old! He's been outside the womb for as long as he has been inside it! I can't believe how fast he has grown and changed over these last months. You can rest assured many more little Button photos to come as we take on the world together one adventure after another! Hope you all enjoyed the little treat of adorable babyness to start off your week. 

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