Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Cooler Box

Yep... I know... a bad pun >.< forgive me? I couldn't help myself. Ha. aaaaaany ways....
A couple of weeks ago Hubby and I were invited to stay at my parents’ house for a visit and before our trip to the amusement park.

While we were there my mother mentioned to me about my fridge organization post and how she had wanted to do something about her own refrigerator.
So, looked at what she had around the house to use, cleaned out old food and expired jars, and made a list of what we needed to go out and buy.

She is not a fan of chalk labels like I am so be snagged some draw erase labels for $5 each (we used two packs of 10) to make things more cohesive.
Once all the old stuff was gone we had plenty of room for all the jars and such to fit in the door like she wanted.
My parents tend to always have left overs in the fridge. I guess it’s from years of feeding a family of five and now only having three mouths to feed but whatever it is, there was a general lack of organization when it came to what was in what container and how old things were so for quick fix we used the same labels on a large set of matching plastic wear (that she already had on hand), to create "left over containers". That way, all the left overs are easily stack-able, movable, and easy to know what’s in it and how old it is.
While we were out picking up the labels we also snagged the bread box, meat container, and cheese and egg baskets all for around $8! the egg and cheese baskets help make things more visible then when they are in a carton or drawer so that they don't end up buying something they already have enough of (because I hate when I used to buy eggs just to find out I still had half a carton left).
My parents like to keep their bread in the refrigerator so she got the box to put them in so it’s easy to just toss the bagels, bread and such in the bin after making a sandwich or what not instead of having it in a heap in the fridge or having to make them look pretty. After all, like I always say, organizing should make life easier and clean not harder and clean. The meat container we grabbed because she didn't have one and like me, likes to thaw out her meat the day before; and no one like meat dripping on things and contaminating it!
So there you have it. Another fridge organization post, but a little different.
It just goes to show that you take a good idea and always makes it your own and find out what works for you with the same basic principles.
So happy organizing! :D


  1. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't still look that beautiful. Partly because I'm not yet used to rotating and getting rid of stuff, but I'm getting better. I HAVE remembered to label and date everything I've put in the fridge.

    The other part is that when this picture was taken, my fridge was 'Old Mother Hubbard' empty. It's WAY more crowded now....so it's gotten slightly less neat looking. But I'm still a work in progress, and so is my fridge. :)

    Thanks again, Bethany! The dry erase labels make me smile. (I'm such an organization nerd.)


  2. I had lots of fun helping you! It was no problem at all. Its good to hear that your at least trying to keep up with things and are learning more organizational skills. I'm glade you like the labels so much and that at least those are working well for you guess. ♥