Thursday, June 11, 2015

Country Living fair

What an adventure! Have you ever heard of the magazine called 'Country Living'? It's kind of a big deal for this county-at-heart chick. Anyways, about three years ago I saw an ad in their magazine promoting the 'Country Living fair' I was all like "what?! no way! I.MUST.GO" well... that year I got pregnant. Long story short, three years later and that dream was just no longer financially possible and the idea of a road trip with a baby made me want to pull my hair out.
Well, folks, it happened! This year it happened! I wish I had more dough to burn but all in all, it was everything I wanted it to be and more and next year, God willing, I will save more to spend and bring a trailer :P.  Here's a little snippet of our country living fair road trip!

 of course, my beautiful mother joined us.

and here is what we brought home.

 this is a project. One I hope to put lots of love into. It is a vintage, queen size quilt.... one side. My mother is going to help me stitch it the "proper" way a quilt is stitched. Since it was not a finished product, I got it for $40! Most vintage finished quilts go for $100, on the cheap side and NEVER this large for that cheap! This was a steal for sure and I feel like, in a way, I get to bring back the love that someone once put into them and never had the time to finish. It is not perfect, it has one small ink blot on a corner of it but I love that about it.

The other thing I got was a vintage apron.

Something about putting on an apron each morning gets me motivated. I feel like, in a way, it's my uniform and helps me get going.
So that is a little tidbit from our fun road trip. 

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