Monday, May 12, 2014

Finding Something Better

My sister and her fiancé are finally starting to settle in (I say starting because there is still a lot to be done) and the house is just barely beginning to look like somewhat of a house again... so what do we do? Why get out and enjoy the last few days of April before it turned to May of course! My sister had hoped to see the cherry blossoms by the Potomac tidal basin because she was told that they boomed in April. I tried to tell her that they had already bloomed in early April and was now green but she insisted.

I appeased her and her fiancé. We all went out for a nice long walk, and though the trees were green there was still plenty to enjoy. It was their anniversary being together. My sister is sentimental of things like that. 

So even though the trees weren't as favorable, I stayed back a bit and let them have "them" time while I got the change to photograph this cute couple and this special day for them. 

After we walked around a bit more and got hotdogs at a little street cart, we had just enough time to sufficiently tire out all our feet whilst picking up Darling; right before it started to rain! All in all... it was a lovely day; one of those days that are so simple yet so memorable for no particular reason. I'm glad my sister dragged me out. Yeah, the cherry trees were green but sometimes you have to go looking for one thing to find something even better. 

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