Thursday, April 24, 2014


So I really wanted to write a post today... like really, I did! But my thoughts have been scattered as has my house. You see.... my sister and her fiancĂ© are moving in with us! I am so happy for them both to be getting their lives sorted out and both working so hard for a better future. Since we have yet to set up our basement for its intended purpose (a craft room and studio for me) we made the tough decision on letting them move in (along with the approval from our landlords of course). There is much adjusting to happen for sure like who gets the shower when, since we only have one, when do lights and TVs go off, fridge space... and the list goes on. I pray this can be a positive change in all of our lives and that we can all find common ground for the better of both families. After all... half of our families are blood-related. Ha. 
I like to think that this means free babysitting, more dates out, help in the garden, and a cooking companion but alas, I am a realist and know that many nights it may be just the way it is now... plus two more laundry loads. But, I think I can learn to live with that and take the good with the bad.
So, I really wanted to write a post today but I have tons to reorganize, sort through, and put away along with my normal mommy and wifely duties. It looks like this bitty post is all you lovelies get today. Hopefully I'll have some stuff to post tomorrow; hopefully. 

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