Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hump-less Camels

Being that its earth day, I'd like to share a little gardening update!
Remember how this year around I decided to plant everything indoors until it was warmer out? Remember how I made cute little paper roll planters for each plant?
Yeah, well... they fail. Like epic didn't-hold-water-worth-crap kind of fail. Like no joke, these planters were the birth child of a hump-less camel and an upside down pitcher plant! But, lesson learned, when it comes to seedling planters don't go cheap, by the premade ones. 
So, the only things that lasted were my potted plants (my herbs and blackberries) and now I am in a rush to build the garden beds (which I was going to wait to build until the seedlings got big enough to transplant) so that I can plant new seed directly into the ground with some starter soil, blood meal, and some home-made compost.

After doing a bit of research I have decided to go with non-pressure treated wood for the beds so that our garden can be as organic as possible. We do plan on painting the outside with a low-voc exterior paint to help reduce the inevitable rot that non-pressure treated wood gets and to make the beds look prettier. It’s not as protective or nice as an exterior stain and sealant would look but the best we can do with an organic raised bed. I'll go more into the beds when we build them though. For now, I'm just trying to figure out how we are going to get any crop at all by May. *sigh*. Well... this is really freaking life and I wouldn't feel right not sharing every part of it with you all so there’s that.

Happy earth day! Get out, enjoy God amazing creating, pick a flower, have a picnic... he made it for you after all <3.

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