Saturday, April 19, 2014

Getting Out

One way I have been trying to move past this pain is to fill my days to the max. I'm not sure if this is the healthiest healing method but, to be honest, my head and eyes and soul heart from so many tiers and am a suppressive crier. Meaning I can't (or it’s hard to) cry in public... so, I take Button out every day. To the park, the library, the museum, the grocery store, whatever; just out.
On the plus side, he is learning and staying the joyous social butterfly he's always been. Button loves it, and mommy is learning to too! 

While I was physically healing from my loss my mother came to stay. It was such a blessing and not to be forgotten for a long time.

 Although it was due to such a sad event, her timing was so right in more than one way, she made sure I got out. She helped me stay active and focus on the good, the ever-changing blessings of each day. 

During her stay, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. I had asked her earlier in the year if she and my father could make it to the cherry blossom festival and parade they have each year here but they were unable to make it. 

This year the cherry trees bloom early. By about a month early, actually, so my mother got to see them in all their glory and take it all in. The happiness of seeing something so new and beautiful by both my mother and son really made me enjoy our time together even that much more. 

Now the cherry trees are full of green, no softer, snowy blossom; not even a hint. All the petals that once blanketed the park are now gone. I honestly have no idea where they went so fast but that is time. Things change, we grown. Things that were once delegate become dignified, things that were once thought dead now bare life. I too will change and I too will grow from this. Out of the snow, the spring comes and out of my pain, my strength in God grows.


  1. Thank you Sweetie. That was so sweet. I love the pictures, too. I loved taking Button to the park! We are going to do that LOTS more!! :D

  2. Oh I hope so, Button loves the park and you SO much. ♥