Monday, June 10, 2013

Blue Breezes

Now that the days are brighter and longer, Hubby has had some spare time to help get some stuff done around the house. It has been so nice to just be able to hang out with my man and make our house a home.

This weekend he finished spray painting the fan that goes in Button's nursery. You can see it here on the changing dresser that I took back when we were still fixing the room up.
Here is another snippet of it from the same post but a little closer.

We got the fan for free from our old landlords when we moved (they told us we could keep anything left in the house when we left... so we did).
Unfortunately, those were the only two I got of it before it got beautified.

Hubby chose a nice, vibrant, blue spray paint to paint it a gloss finish ( topical oasis by Valspar) and then just topped it off with a clear sealant spray for an easy, no sanding, done in a day project that really brought new life to this poor dull fan.
I love how it looks in his room now. It’s also great to have a little flair with function. It’s like have my cake and NOT gaining five pounds! Woot!
The color Hubby picked makes it look retro, which totally goes with some of the other vintage things going on in the room... namely this beauty
So I'm geared up, binged out, and ready for hot summer days with the windows opened, breeze flowing in, and a stun'n fan a’blast'n!

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