Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nursery Progress 2.0

It’s been a little over two weeks since my last update for the nursery and quite a bit has happened in there since then so I thought it was about time to share with you all another progress update.
The room is still a bit away from being finished but it’s getting close now (and closes to my due date too. Eeks!). Just as a reference this is what it looked like the last update.
Yeah, pretty much a hot messy hodgepodge of everything that needed to be in the room and half-finished projects.

Now it looks like this (sorry for the poor lighting; I took these photos at night).
Like I said, it’s obviously not finished yet but this little nursery is well on its way to greeting our Button!
One major difference is the painted ceiling Hubby did 90% of himself! You really can't tell in any of the photos, but we actually added sparkles to the blue paint so that it has a nice glittery shimmer.
see contrast before he can see the difference in color. Then, at a week old he can see the difference between the yellow and white (he won't be able to see the difference in the blue and yellow until about two weeks old). At a month old he'll be able to see the fine lines between the white and blue and at about a year he should be able to see the glitter in the blue! We are so excited to see how he reacts to the changes in his room as he progresses and learns!
If you look closely in the above photo, you can see the mobile we finally got up.

Here is a closer view of it. 
I love how it almost looks like part of the tree painting we did (and are still working on... it needs more leaves as you can tell).
I still can't believe me and my sister made this! It’s by far not perfect (almost every bird had to be stitched up on the side because we overfilled them or didn't sew them quite right) but I kind of like that about it.
The best part is that I got to make something special for our Button and really put the time in to make each bird different. It’s a nice perk that it only cost me $5 (for the filling) for the entire thing because I had everything else. I think it really turned perfect and I can't wait to see what our Button thinks.
The mobile wasn't the only thing we got hung in the room though.
Buttons little reading nook makes me want to make cookies and curl up in there with him and a little book and spend all day telling stories (cookies for me obviously ;P ). 
 It still needs a nice faux-fur throw in there and quite a bit of pillow to make it a bit fuller looking and cozy but this spot is well on its way to being a favorite in the room for mommy and baby both!

When we're not snuggled up in the tent, I think this reading/ feeding area will get the most use.
Button won’t be big enough to sit and read to "mommy" in his rocker right away but I can see me using "my" rocking chair just about every night during feedings and even after that to sit and listen to our little one read to me in his own little chair (mine was a shower gift and Button's, Hubby and I snagged for $12 at an antique shop on valentine’s day).
It was so nice to be able to fill this antique stroller (mentioned here) with a few of my old stuffed animals which I saved for when I would have my own children (I've always wanted to be a mother even when I was 13 and getting rid of my toy! I saved these few from the yard sales over the years just for this day, crazy hu!). I had no idea I had such an array of animals. So much that I only put one of each in the stroller so Button can learn different names and looks of critters. There is a monkey, mouse, manatee, teddy bear, dog, cat, ladybug, camel, horse, bird, goat, bunny, turtle, squirrel, and hippo! The only new one is the mouse puppet that Hubby bought to use while reading to Button. That melts my heart. I think we will have loads of fun learning the names of them all and seeing which creatures Button likes best.

The last area we got set up is the changing area.
We are using fabric diapers so that is why there is a clothes hamper instead of a diaper disposal there. The basket on top of the hamper has all the diapers, wipes, creams, and an extra changing pad in it. I still need to pick up another one though because this one is full and with everything else in it, it can only fit five diaper liners and thee diapers in it. Soon, both baskets will go in shelves next to the dresser/changing table. The mirror still needs to be mounted to the wall so that it’s leaning but is baby safe.
I love these curtains we got from Ikea. They were by far the cheapest ones we found that
Hubby and I BOTH agreed on. I like how they add to the forest feel without being overly kid-ish or too colorful while keeping with the crisp neutral feel of the room.

So here is the break down for all you list people-

  • Paint
  • move giveaway/ sell stuff from the corner and GET RID OF IT!
  • Organize storage stuff in the closet
  • put crib together
  • get a sleeper sofa
  • create a reading/ play area for Baby
  • add art
  • hang art
  • get a nightstand for guest couch/ bed
  • add more lighting
  • make curtains (bought them)
  • make a mobile for the crib
  • paint the crib white
  • add decor (STILL needs to be put up)
  • add bookshelves for storage
  • create a changing area by/on the dresser
  • move the dresser somewhere better
  • mount the leaning mirror to the wall to make it baby safe.
Its so good to see it coming together! There are a few other things I'd like to add to the list though.
  • add pillows to reading area
  • make/buy a rug for the middle of the room (for tummy time)
  • add pull backs for curtains
  • get touch up painting done
  • finish the tree painting
  • spray paint the dresser fan
  • get a trash can for wipes
  • get another basket for diapers
  • make a crib skirt (maybe)
As you can see, there is only a few big-ticket items left to get. A few of these changes could even hold off until after Button gets here (like the bed skirt and rug). It’s just nice to have the room done enough that if he decided to come now it would be crazy of us to put him in the nursery. This, to me, is a big deal. :P

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