Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Change of View

After a little over a year of these babies hanging on the wall accosting my eyes, I finally got my butt in gear and painted them, as I mentioned doing in this previous post.
 I love how they were only a buck for BOTH of them and painting them was free because I already had the paint from painting the nursery furniture!
I can't believe it took me so long to get this done. What the heck!? Crisp white looks so much better then the flaky fake gold! All I did was tape off the glass with painters tape, then used my nail to 'cut' off the extra to get a clean line against the frame. If you don't have freakishly sharp, long nails you can use an exact'o blade.
 Here you can see the horrid chippieness (yep, just used that word) on them.  eww right? So you could see why it had to go. That and I'm just not a fan of fake gold.
once it was all taped off I just used a small craft brush to paint them ( I didn't want to use a roller because it might have made paint clumps on the details). All I had was red and black in way of spray paint and I really wanted to stick to using what I already had so that was a no go but spray paint would be quicker and much better if you don't have the patience to paint then, let them dry and repeat three times ( I did three even, thin coats as to avoid clumping in the details).
The finished product was well worth the half hour it took to do for sure!

I'm love'n the crisp white against the yellow in our living room for sure! Something about bright, cottage white and sunny, soft yellow makes my heart sing. <3

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