Monday, February 11, 2013

Nursery Progress

Remember this progress post were the future nursery had NOTHING done on it but a painted dresser?
Yeah well, SURPRISE! More got done!

Here is a before so you don't have to go all the way back to the bottom of that link to see what it looked like before.
Here is what it currently looks like.
Okay, so it still looks like a hot mess... just a different/less organized hot mess but as any DIYer knows, it often looks worst before better. You can see here that I DID move the dresser over so it no longer blocks the window.

Surprisingly a lot has been done in that tornado of a room! Here are a few closer looks to see what’s going on so far.
The biggest difference is that Hubby and I painted the walls a soft buttery yellow, my Man also drew this mural on the wall (that the crib will soon go on) with a gold paint pen! We are currently working on painting leaves onto it with a stencil and some paint we picked up at the craft shop. You can also see in the photo that the crib has been painted (it was not put together in the far right corner of that top photo and brown) and put together. My sister helped us with that when she came for a weekend and got shafted to the "future nursery room labor crew". Hey, I have no shame, if you come over now expect to be painting, or sewing, or building SOMETHING for this room. :P

Here is a closer look at the tree.
It looks a little like a late fall tree that has lost 80% of its leaves but trust me, it will get filled in more soon. You can't tell in the photos but I love how the window on the other side of the room makes the gold paint shimmer. This is my favorite part of the room so far.
On the other side of the room is this antique toy stroller Hubby and I found for $10 at a yard sale! I love the retro look it has and the color! It needs a little love though because the top part likes to come off the rest of it. I have planes to use it to hold some stuffed animals I've been hording away since my childhood.
On top of the stroller is the mobile me and my sister made. The entire mobile cost me $5 because I used scrap fabric I had on hand that went with the room, went outside and picked up free sticks, already owned hot glue and was given an entire spool of fishing line. The only thing I had to buy was the filling for the birds!
If you want to make your own, I got the planes for the birds here and it looks similar to this once it’s hanging up. This video was also a big help for me because I'm a ditz and was just NOT understanding the pattern. A.

We also finally got around to getting some art framed.
This painting is one I painted a while ago and was just so excited to use in this room, the other is a page from an antique story book that we snagged at an antique shop for $20 pre-matted. Because one of the pieces I did, and because they were having a buy one frame get another free sale at the craft shop, this little project only set us back $75, which, if you know how much frames can run, is a great deal!
The last thing that we have to hang is this reading tent that I made.
It looks just like a pile of fabric on the floor right now but it’s actually fully made and just needs to be hung up with some pillow tossed under it and maybe a blanket to transform into a sweet little play/reading tent for the bean. When all hung up it will look something like this...
Minus the lights and top part. It’s just a hula hoop that I wrapped in white wool yarn (that I already had) so the blue hoop wouldn't show though, and sewed some sheer white chiffon I snagged on sale onto. The whole thing cost me $35! The one in the photo above uses PVC pipes (which generally cost more than a $5 hula hoop) and old curtains slipped on top (which is great to reuse if you have any... I did not). All the curtains I liked were around $30 EACH and I would have needed two, so it would have cost me around $70 if I made it this way. Instead, I snagged some amazingly luxury look chiffon for two bucks a yard and got a TON of it so it would billow nice and full and flowy on the floor and it STILL cost me cheaper than if I had bought the curtains! So, lesson learned. Sometimes it’s worth the hassle of sewing to get a better price and nicer look in the end.

Also, just for an idea of the theme we are going for in this space, here is a mood board I created a while back on this post
So here's the break list from this post with everything done marked off....
*move giveaway/ sell stuff from corner and GET RID OF IT!
*Organize storage stuff in the closet
*Put crib together
*get a sleeper sofa
*create a reading/play spot for Baby (almost done)
*add art
*hang art
*get a night stand for guest couch/bed
*add more lighting
*make curtains (not shown in the post but ordered! :D)
*make a mobile for the crib
*paint the crib white
*add decor (needs to be put up still)
*add bookshelves for storage
*create a changing area by/on the dresser
*move the dresser somewhere better
*mount the leaning mirror (on the dresser) to the wall to make it baby safe.
So, as you can see, a LOT has been done but there is still quite a bit to get done.
Things are moving along quickly and I expect to have another progress post up soon enough. Hopefully less stuff will be on the floor and more things actually hung in the next one! :D

So what have you all been up to? Building any fun stuff, how major projects? Are you doing a full reno or just an update? What are some great steals or deals you've scored of late? Anyone else adventuring into the world of sewing or are you an old pro by now? Would love to hear from you.

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