Thursday, November 29, 2012


Now that we are starting to be a little more moved in, I think it about time to share our home (for the next few years) with you all!
To help jump start my motivation, I've decided to do a 'progress' post. Hopefully this will keep me on track with what needs to be done and all of you on track on what going on.

First things first, the living room!
The Hubby and I have already painted this room and are so happy with the walls a nice bright color. The Yellow is actually slightly lighter then in this photo though (it looks most like the right wall in the corner). The room is a hot mess, I know. So here's the long list-o'-things-to-do (I'm not numbering them because I feel that might put a limit on what I'm willing to work on next on the list and any/everything needs to get done so there is no real order to this list; just a way to get share what we have plans for). 

*hang art
* New love seat
*curtains for the window (DIY maybe)
*better organization for the office space (shelving or a new desk maybe)
*new desk chair
*paint the mirrors on the wall white
*reupholster the chair in the corner
*add a storage ottoman (DIY maybe?)
*add a rug to anchor the two different spaces
*add a fireplace mantel (this is an apartment so we can not add a true fireplace) to take up the other wall (not show in the photo above) and add focus for the sitting area
*add more art
*paint the buffet cabinet (behind the couch) white
* get a bench for the entry way (left corner of the photo)
*paint font door (maybe)
*paint the trim and window frame a crisper white 
*find a permanent/ doggy proofed place for the kitties food (not on top of a box on a chair!)

Being that we live in an apartment, there ARE some restrictions so there is only so much we can do but luck for us, we are allowed to paint. Just a side note before getting to the next room, the up stairs bathroom.

*create a fo-frame for the sink mirror
*hang art
*add more art
*get a bath mat
*change shower rod to something nicer
*get baskets for storage under the sink
*organize everything better under the sink
*change light fixtures (maybe)

This is our upstairs hallway we already have some progress done in this area as well but, as you can see, its still a mess and needs some picking up for sure!
*remove closet door to change it to a book shelf
*get art for the space
*do something to accent the book shelves
*add a reading chair (maybe) where the boxes are
*change lighting ( so not a fan of boob lights. Anyone else call them that?lol)

Here is the soon-to-be nursery/ guest room!
*move giveaway/ sell stuff from the corner and GET RID OF IT!
*organize storage stuff in the closet (on the left)
*put crib together
*get a sleeper sofa
*add a rug
*create a reading/play spot for Baby
*add art
*hang art
*get a night stand for the guest couch/bed
*add more lighting
*make curtains
*make a mobile for the crib
*paint the crib white
*add decor
*add book shelves for storage
*create a changing area by/on the dresser
*move the dresser somewhere better
*mount the leaning mirror (on the dresser) to the wall to make it baby safe.

Well, that is it for now. I still have our bedroom, the kitchen, downstairs half bath, and dining room to make a post on but I felt like not overwhelming you all (or myself) with long to-do lists. Hope you all enjoyed the mini walk though. Hopefully I will have the rest of the rooms up sometime this coming week and maybe even a progress photo... who knows, a girl can wish. :P
Hope you all have a wonderful and productive weekend and have lots of fun! <3

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