Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bathroom Progress

 I have been one busy bee of late! Now that our little Button is getting closer to his due date, I have been going a little crazy trying to get the house in shape before he gets here (and for him).
Though I have hardly touched what will soon be the nursery/ guest room, I HAVE been up to quite a bit of painting, crafting, and organizing. I'm hoping to post about each project as they get done.
Here are the one (out of many) projects I HAVE gotten done.
It's so nice to walk in there now and see something other than off-white on the walls! I LOVE the new color. Its called Free Spirit by Olympic.
 Such a nice soft blue to really brighten the place up and make it feel crisper!
My original idea was to go with this shower curtain from Bed bath and Beyond but Hubby vetoed that idea right off the bat because he is NOT a fan of ikat. On top of that, I wasn't to keen on the $40 price tag. So, the search continued;
that was until we found this beauty at Sears for... wait for it... $20! HALF the price of my original idea and has the same ornate feeling and colors (if you replace the red for orange) in a non-ikat pattern! It was totally meant to be!
On top of adding a new shower curtain, I also got some cheap art for the wall.
Thanks to a Christmas gift card to Michael's, I was able to snag this wooden picture frame for $7. After a couple of coats of white paint, I just hung it on the wall and then added little hooks on the inside of it for all my necklaces. 
 The best part is, this entire project was only $7 and I get instant art, instant charm, and instant no-more-tangled-unorganized-necklaces!
This is the best part of painting the bathroom! Not much is cuter than a little kitten with blue paint on the ears (by the way, that's a pistachio shell she brought to me and was playing with while I worked... so cute).
This would have to be the second best part of painting the bathroom. Hubby making a run to Starbucks for me so I could keep my tired prago butt moving on the job. The second Starbucks cup (in the background) was full of water FYI. ha, no chain coffee drinking here :P (if you want to know what all the gibber means on the side it’s a skim cinnamon dolce latte mocha no whip ;) ).

 Here is the rest of the bathroom when it was finished.
I don't like how this photo makes it look a little green. The wall color has NO green in it -.-. 
And just so you don't have to go back to this post, here is a before and current so you can see the big difference a bit of paint and a little touch up can do. :)
So this is how the progress list looks now!
*create a fo-frame for the sink mirror
*hang art
*add more art
*get a bath mat
*change shower rod to something nicer
*get baskets for storage under the sink
*organize everything better under the sink
*change light fixtures (maybe)
There is still a good bit of things to be done but I'd say this is a good step in the right direction.
What do you all think? Anyone else painting a lot these days? how about getting a great deal on something?

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