Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adding to the Family

SURPRISE! we got a kitty!
 Actually, the kitty got us. She was a stray at our new apartment and actually ran up and attacked Hubbies leg when we were walking home from the fitness center. She would run up to us, attack our feet, cry, and then run and hide. So I got some of Peppers dog food and fed her some until she would stay with me, then I just picked her up. She bit me but then was surprisingly cuddly and sweet. She is so playful and I am so happy we got to rescue her, especially since I found out that her mother has two other kittens and isn't left alone and that at least one of them will survive the winter for sure. I heard the other two kittens crying during the storm we had and it made me feel so blessed to have a roof over our heads and a warm place to sleep every night. It’s just that much better to know that we could at least save one. :)

Here's a cute video of our sweet Nymorea (that's her name now) playing with my feet and a good view of my super massive belly. Ha-ha.

This is after I gave her a flea bath XD (just in case... she was a stray after all.).
So how have you all been? Anyone else thankful the storm is gone? any new family members?

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