Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving Along

No photos this time around. Just filling in. Hubby and I are moving! Moving from this dark, heatless, log cabin in the middle of nowhere to Charlottesville, VA! Woot! Boy am I happy to have things like a dishwasher and laundry machine, and civilization again! A part of me will always miss looking up at all the stars at night and waking to the smell of fresh dew and birds calling and the views of the mountains but these are the things you give up when necessity come knocking at the door. Not only are we moving to a nice townhouse apartment (can I get a amen for no people above or bellow me!) we are also going to be only 12 minutes from Johns new office, about an hour from family, and 15 minutes from the birthing center!
 The only down side is the actual moving part. So, in the mean time, we are making the drive back and forth from one place to the other for midwife appointments and going to work and packing. Its a little stressful but totally worth it.

On a complete other note, John and I got to hear our little Buttons heart beat and even got a CD of it to listen to over, and over, and over again. So here it is for you all to listen to... if you care.

I thought it sounded like a horse running. Things like this make me feel a little better about the down sides of being an expecting mommy. Like embarrassing myself with nervous tears when the nurse did the breast exam, or passing gas in the store aisle when its just you and another lady. Or, embarrassingly squeeze-hugging a babies onesie and tearing up in the middle of Target. Yep. totally worth it. 

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