Saturday, August 18, 2012

pregnant outfit boards

That about how I feel these days. *sigh* the time has finally come were none of my pants fit! Yes, the inevitable pregnancy fat has decided to rear its ugly, pudginess all over my midsection and this mama to be is finding it hard to say 'it’s ok'. My darling husband just keeps reminding me that "you're pregnant... it’s just going to happen" yet I can't help but feel like nine weeks is a little soon for me to be outfitting my clothes. I know, I know, suck it up. I'm trying to think of the best of this massive situation (pun intended) so in an effort to look on the bright side and not dwell on my middle, I started creating a few maternity outfits on Polyvore. After looking through some maternity stores it quickly became apparent to me that, for some reason, very few places carry anything cute or at a reasonable price. If you are going through a pregnancy these outfits might be a good way to get to indulge in some fashion (at least I hope so) without looking like a potato stuffed in a sock.
Maternity top: $31, Maternity skinny jeans: $35, Shoes: $50, Earrings: $25 . The outfit- $141

 Maternity dress: Motherhood- $50, Knit maternity coat: Motherhood- $30, Boots: $40, Purse: $17, Owl Necklace: $16. The outfit- $153
 Maternity dress: $35, Sandals: $21, Sun hat: $14, Bracelet: $4, Anchor bag: $14. The outfit- $88
 Maternity dress: $37, Boots: $35, Clutch: $35, Bracelet: Forever 21- $5.80, Headband: Forever 21- $1.50. The outfit- $114.30
Maternity top: $25, Heels: $45, Clutch: $17, Bracelet: $8.  The outfit- $95

Now I feel a little bit better knowing that even though I'm quickly becoming more and more squishy, that at least I can look cute and round without reassembling Dobby from Harry Potter.
What do you all think? I know, I'm not designer but its gotta be a step up from a potato sack right? Any other mamma's to be out there feel'n like a blob.... you don't have to answer that -.- lol. Love to hear your comments.

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