Friday, August 24, 2012

Pregnancy Week 9

Nine weeks! Nine! I can hardly believe there is only four more weeks in this trimester. I can't wait until our little button starts showing. Its odd. I can't fit into any of my paints now but I have actually lost five pounds! How crazy is that?! so now I own my first pair of maternity pants and two dresses (the one in the photo is one of them) which my supers-awesome-mother-in-law sent me. <3 The dresses are a little loose ( as you can see) but I think that will change one our little one starts showing. I apologize for the angle of the photo. I normally stand more to the side but all of the photos my Darling took that had me to the side were blued. He really is learning how to use the camera now though. I am so blessed he's willing to do the shoots week in and week out. On a more random note, I finally found a birthing center we are going to check out next month. Its all the way in Richmond but, being that that's were we are trying to move to, I thought it was a good match. We'll see. Its crazy how much is going on now and how much is still in need to happen. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and as if it wont get done in time. But I have faith in Gods timing and know this is what He's planned for us and our button. I know that He would never give us more then we could handle, and, though it seems crazy to be pregnant, moving, changing jobs, getting ready for the holidays, and preparing for our baby all at the same time, I know that we can do this. Not on our own, but with the Lords help and with lots of prayers. We truly are honored to be parents and to have family that is so supportive and helpful along the way. We could not do it without them either, and for that, we are so blessed. I know I say that a lot, but I truly feel it each and every day.

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