Friday, August 17, 2012

Pregnancy Week 8

It seems like not much has go on over this pass week for us but when I look in to my pregnancy journal it is such a blessing to learn something new each day. Our little button has grown about five times the size of when she/he was first conceived! Baby even has fingers and little toes now and is the size of the small end of a credit card! Not big, but hey, compared to a pin tip I say that's a vase improvement in only eight weeks! After doing a bunch of research I found out that I was able to hear the heart beat also! Though we have yet to find a midwife, John got to hear the baby though my belly. We both were just so overwhelmed. He said it sounded like it was faster then the 150 bpm one we watch online though so I wonder what that means. What ever the cause is, we are so excited for the amazing amount of change going on in our little ones life even if things are going slow for mommy and daddy. <3 

p.s also found out this week, that I can no longer fit into any of my pants OR shorts. *sigh* guess this means I'll be wearing a lot more dresses until I'm brave enough to face the world of maternity cloths.


  1. YAY!! Growing out of your clothes means 'Button' is growing TOO! :D You really need to find a midwife soon, Sweetie. Prenatal care is SO vital to having a healthy baby!! I love you! I wish I could be there to watch your baby-tummy growing! :)

    1. According to my baby journal, my uterus is the size of a small grapefruit! That IS a lot bigger then it has been. I do need to find a midwife. With all this planning on moving going on though, I don't know really what to do about the matter. If I find one hear I'll have to change midwives in two-three months and if I wait two to three months that's further along I am without one. You will see all thats going on when I come visit for your shopping trip... I didn't forget about it. You owe me a few maternity pieces :P.♥