Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pregnancy week 7

I didn't get to do a week six because I was out of town helping family move. This past week though, Me and my family had the honer of going to a dear friends wedding. It was so beautiful and so lovingly put together. I know they will share an amazing with with each other. Though there was an open bar and champagne for toasting I managed to pull of just having two Shirley Temples and a glass of water! Woot! Even better, I managed not to throw up while traveling from Virginia all the way to Michigan and back. Now THAT'S something to brag about. haha. All in all, I had a wonderful week and am so glade to be home with the hubby and Pepper. Now all I need is some more of that amazing dessert bar. ha.


  1. I can hardly wait til your weekly updates start showing a little baby belly!! :) I love you!

  2. No weekly update this week?!? :'(

  3. There is one for this week. Just posted it.♥