Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A dear friend of mine asked me to make her an event board. It is for a small baby shower for her little girl who is due in December. I was so was excited when she told me that she wanted to have the shower during Halloween. I mean, how fun is that! You see, she never got a baby shower for her son and so her and her husband wanted to celebrate both of their darling children. So this shower had to be gender neutral and have a theme that would please everyone. After talking about it for a while we decided on a masquerade theme. That way, it would still have the feel of the holiday without being overdone and be both suitable for her sweet son and coming daughter.
 1. Use old soda bottles as candles holder (to make this even cheaper you can get candles from the dollar tree) to create a moody feel and make the evening event classy on a budget. 2. This cake looks so nice and I just love the colors. It’s also rather easy to do you can find out here. 3. this lovely ghost I think tie in well with the theme and are also an easy DIY that the couple or host can do ahead of time out of chicken wire and some white or glow-in-the-dark spray paint. 4. Pastel balloons bring in that more feminine look without overdoing it and look class even on a plain white wall. The best part? You can get balloons on the cheap and they can easily come down after the party! 5. These darling candle holders are, again, cheap dollar store find and all you do is add some sweet rhinestones from a craft store with some super glue for an elegant yet cost-efficient event like this one. 6. These Cinnamon cheesecake cupcakes with pumpkin pie frosting bring in that Halloween feel without overdoing it and would be a sure hit. What’s even better is that the host could even make them!
1. What masquerade would be right with masks for favors to the guests? These masks are only $4 each, found here. 2. This table runner brings in more masculine colors while staying well within the theme and is yet another great DIY that can be made for FREE using paint chips and a bit of glue. 3. Can you believe these plates are paper? I love how the host has no clean up at the end of the day and at $2 for 10 it’s a good bargain for a great look. 4. How fun would it be for their little son to play 'dress up' with these props at a prop booth, a double bonus is that guest can use them too to make an album of faces for their soon to be daughter! 5. Obviously, no alcohol at a baby shower but sparkling cider gives you that same upscale feel and look for half the cost and mommy and kids can drink it too. 6. These invitations are not only easy to make but can be bought or created in a slew of colors and customized to suit any even which makes them exceptionally great for a baby shower. 7. A candy bar with coordinating colors to the theme not only looks good but can be more cost-effective than a buffet. It also ties in well to the season and will bring a smile to any little boy (and guests children's too!).

Well, I'd love to hear what you all think. I hope you like it 'V' and I am so excited to see your little girl! Congratulations!

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