Monday, August 27, 2012

A Fair to Remember

Over the past weekend, our little town welcomed in a fair.
Being that I have not been to a fair since my 18th birthday, Hubby and I made a day of it and headed out for some fun. I got a lot of really good aerial photos thanks to this super awesome guy at one of the rides.

You see, each ride costs tickets and each ticket is about a dollar so when the rides are 3-5 tickets each, you really have to pick the few you want to ride most before just jumping on one. So when we decided to go on a ride that takes up all the way up in the sky and then drops you, we weren't expecting to get all our $10 dollar’s worth but knew we want to ride it and decided to anyway. Well boy were we in for a treat!
So here's a slew of the aerial photos I got on the ride.

I just love all the bright colors and the mountains in the distance. I think they would also be great in sepia too.
After getting three extra rides we decided to check out some of the indoor stuff. There they had a ton of award-winning food, handmade goods, and art. While there, we found so of our friends and decided to stalk hang out with them for the rest of the day. So, together we headed over to see a caravel act they had going on. 
This guy actually balanced a lot of different objects but the bike, which he balanced on just the palm of his hand, was by far the largest of them all. 
This gentleman did handstands all the way up to six chairs high and then did handstands all the way down too! 
After the show, we all decided to head over to check out the award-winning animals, which were one of my favorite parts. I know, I'm silly like that.
These goats were so funny. They would fallow you with their heads in through the pin, walking sideways, until they got to the end of the pin and then just stare at you until you pet them. Of course, I had to get a picture of them performing their own little act.
Even 'L' got in on the kid loving.
I think my favorite part of the day was seeing my Sweet light up after winning two knives at a ring toss. 
He was so shocked (and a bit cocky) that he won, not once, but twice at this game with just ten rings. The idea of the game was to get a ring around the knives as they turned on a turntable. You won whatever knife you ringed. What made this even better was that all ten rings were just two dollars so, in essence, Hubby won each knife for a dollar each and they are easily worth five each! Even better? Now each has a knife in our emergency kit. 
So thank you 'L' for not running away letting us stalk hang out with you all day. It was so much fun and these are memories we will enjoy and remember for a long time!

Question time! What did you all do this weekend? Anyone get caught up in that nasty storm? What is your favorite fair ride? Do we have any fair game champs in the building? What did you win? Did you get to hang with some friends or just chill at home? Love to hear from you all. <3

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  1. Bahaha! Good times. PS - You got some awesome fair shots :)