Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Wreath

I've finally reluctantly gave into the inevitable decided to pack away my winter wreath and was left with a sad naked door once again. So of course I had to get another wreath up there! I thought about buying this lovely one. Sadly it was sold out and I was a little wiry of spending $35 on a wrath anyways.
After much debating on weather to buy or make one I decide on the ultimately cheaper rout and made my own. I figured I could come up with something close to the one above and even save a bit by trying it myself, and, if it failed I could always wait until more were for sale. So I got out my sewing machine and headed off to the craft store is search of some cheap yearn and felt.

After watching a dozen tutorials on how to make different flowers ans such I decided to go with simple roses, pink ruches (I think they look like carnations a bit) , and sunflowers (which I sort of made up after looking at how some I saw at Michales were made). 
 I think the final product came out quite different then I expected but in a good way. I took the Hubbies suggestion and kept it simple by allowed a lot of the yarn to show through.

 So for $5 of felt (at a dollar each) and $6 for the foam wrath, plus some multicolored yarn from the dollar tree, this Project cost me a total of $12. Not the cheapest wreath I've ever made but still much better then the original $35 I would have spent if I bought the one on Etsy. All in all i am so pleased with the out come and its a nice bonus that I got to save a few bucks too!
Here is a couple of videos I made on how to make the roses and the pink ruched flowers. Hope you all have fun making your own summer wreath! <3

I know I say 'umm' a lot. sorry about that. -.- I hope they were both useful.
Have any of you made something lately that you originally though would cost to much? Anyone else make wreaths or am I just old school like that? :p I have a wonderful week and get your craft on.

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