Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Leaf Wreath

Over the last few days I have been working on a little project.

The amazing thing is, that I got all my supplies for this at the dollar tree! ( no, they didn't pay me or compinsate me in any way to say that, there just cheap and awsome so they get a cool shout out )
The only thing I didn't get from there was an extra pack of hot glue sticks because I ran out of the stuff I had. Everything els I had at home or got at the Dollar tree. :)

The leaves I just picked up from around our apartments and picked off from a tree that I really liked. Don't you just love Gods free art?!
So, lets get to the fun part... making one!
You will need: a double boiler (I made one using two sauce pots) a hot glue gun, an old t-shit, one Styrofoam wreath, one to two white candle sticks, essential oils (optional), thumb tacks (optional) and scissors.
  •  heat water in the lower double boiler just until the water boils.
  • cut off a piece of your candle and drop it into the top part of your double boiler ( you can also lite it and drip the wax into the double boiler but this takes longer). Once the wax has melted off, remove the string with a fork. DO NOT LET THE WAX BOIL! (this is were you can add your essential oil if you like so that your wreath will have a nice scent)
  • take a leaf and coat its entirety with wax. I held my by the stem to do this. By coating the leaves, they will hold their color for a much longer time so you can save your wreath for years to come!
  • Once you have coated all your leaves and have let them dry, you can start pining the leaves onto the wreath were ever you like. make sure to cover all the wreath so no foam shows through.
(sorry the hubby didn't know how to use the zoom.. hope you understood that )
  • Hot glue all the leaves down. I found out later that the tacks help hold thing in place when I hot glue them down but without hot glue, the fall out.
  • When all your leaves are on you can cut your spare t-shit into strips like I did Here and make them into what ever you like. (here's a great tutorial for making rosettes, and here's one for ruffle rosettes). I made a bow to keep it easy and simple but have fun with it, let your creative side wonder.
  • On the back, tack a long strip of fabric ( I used more from the shirt but you can use something else to give it a little more flair if you have it around) down with your thumb tacks and hot glue over it to keep it nice and snug.
  • Hang it up and your done! happy fall!
Now for the linguistics; this entire project cost me $7 ! the break down?
       $1 wreath
       $1 candle
       $1 thumb tacks
       $0 leaves
       $0 t-shirt
  +   $4 hot glue sticks
       seven buckaroos!

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