Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keeping with the System

Remember back at this post were I talked about us packing? Well I thought I would share with all you lovely people how we handle the organizing aspect of the whole shebang.

Of course the first step was to start packing and to set up a system. For the system I used a number and letter key to describe each box and were in the house it belongs.

 The letters describe were (for example, L for living room, D for dinning room and so on), and the numbers described what was in it like L1 would have decor for the living room in it. On a sheet of paper I wrote what each letter/number box has in it so we can unpack things by their impotence.

Because I sure would hate to unpack my flute when I need toilet paper! So for us having a system like this seems to work best. Hope that this was helpful for you all. Is anyone else starting to pack up and move? how about packing up all your summer stuff in exchange for fall and winter digs? have you ever had one of those unfortunate times were you unpacked just about every box and still couldn't find the one thing you needed? errg I hate that! Anyone one else have a nifty system they use for packing? I'd just love to hear about it. ♥


  1. You've only had that experience because Dad doesn't pack like normal people. I'm sure if I could get him to NOT pack, and let ME do it, you'd have been able to find stuff. lol :)

  2. hmmm. maybe. But John and I never used a system before so maybe using one is being abnormal.