Tuesday, October 4, 2011

package, packing, and primping

Today the Hubby and I finally got a note in the mail for a package we have been waiting for for quite some time now. It was a box-oh- goodies from his grandparents for our birthdays and such!! Also, because John took today off (there is little work to be done at his work so they suggested people to use up there vaca. time now and John took the advice and took off for a couple of days) we spent all day cleaning the house and packing.

Packing? yep... packing. You see I am nothing if not a doer. I can't sit down for a second without thinking of whats the next thing I could be doing. We are planning to find a house and move with in the next few months so me, being a busy bee, decided to get a head start on packing thing we don't use on a day to day bases; like books the sewing machine, out door summer dishes, and so on.
 A lot of people might think I'm jumping the gun or rushing things but I think other wise. The way I see it is that if I don't make an effort toward something every day then my mine does not stay focus on it and the need and priority of that goes away. So by doing things like packing it helps me stay focus on the time line which I wish to stick to and at the same time keeping my mined thinking about that goal. It may seem like I'm being a worry wash to some or that I'm preparing for something that might not happen but to me its a good thing. By doing this helps me make sure that my goad DOES come true. :)
Well after we got a bit of work done we decided to treat ourselves with a luscious treat of gifts! I mean who doesn't love getting stuff in the mail?! It feel like Christmas on a random day and I think that makes it even more special. XD here's our new digs...
Sorry that the photo is blurry this is the best one I could get. This is the new embossing kit I got for my grandmother-in-law! It even came with cards, envelopes and stickers. This is my first attempt at embossing something and I think it came rather well.
I'm so excited to use my new kit to make a nice thank you letter to my sweet grandparents.I also got these new stamps to go with the kit I already have.

It will be great to sink my teeth into crafting with my new scrapbook and scrapbook paper :).

Well that's it folks. Have you ever got a nice surprise in the mail? Anyone out there packing for a move ? I'm sure I can't be the only one who packs way ahead :P and pre-packers out there? How many fall cleaners are out there? isn't it so much better then spring clean since there's less distraction from the amazing weather ? I think so.

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