Monday, October 31, 2011

Cannibal carvings

Pumpkin carving is sadly not my husband’s favorite thing (by far) but this year he was actually willing to pick in and have a little creative moment with me (ok, so I begged him to help... but he gave in so that's something : P). This year I got a bit of inspiration from some stuff I found on pinterest (aka the DIY addicts site).

We weren't so sure about the idea of have a little pumpkin in the mouth so we came up with the idea of the little pumpkin sitting next to the bigger one.
 To make the whole scene we made it so that the larger pumpkin foaming at the mouth and sort of looking at the little one as if to say " I will eat you"!
 We thought it would be funny to make the little one have more of a cartoony/ innocent face and looking up at the rabies induced cannibal with wide eyes and screaming (I know, we're so twisted sometimes).

Hope you like them, and happy harvest!

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