Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tomateo Tomaaato

Now that Summer is in full swing, our garden is really picking up. Well... as much as an overly packed balcony garden can "pick up", that is. Anyways, I took the chance to teach the little man his colors (red vs. green tomatoes) and in the process learned that not all tomatoes are grown on a bush like ours always have. ha.

Whoever said you are too old to learn new thing, clearly did not live in our house. Learning is big in our house and now I get to see things completely different through his eyes.

Like how he picks off the little leave at the tip of the tomatoes... just like one of his other favorite fruits (strawberries) before eating them. I never saw the resemblance before. But they are both red, round... ish, and have little leaves around the top. 

It was a veggy, now I can see it as a fruit too. But that is how he has always seen it. Life is new. No one told him it was a fruit or vegetable. No one told him teal is a bluish green or greenish blue (he calls is green by the way). 

Life is new. It is simple and unbiased. It is open-minded and ready to learn. Because no one told him he couldn't or not to. Because no one told him what his views or opinions should be. They are his own and I love it. 

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