Monday, July 20, 2015

Little Bath Big Color

Project updates were promised and thus, provided.

 Our one room, 633 square foot apartment isn't much but I have been hard at making it as homey as I possibly can.  The most recent update we did was to finally (after six months of living here) paint the bathroom. The color is called.... nope, it has no name. boom! I got it off the "oops" cart at Lowes; half a gallon for $9! Score!

 I wasn't sure if I would use it in our Little man's room or the bathroom (since crazy enough, they are about the same small size). But ended up going with the bath.
I also realized, as I snapped these photos, I have yet to post any photos of our place now. We move so often I guess I just gave up posting ever.single. place. *sigh*.

We do hope to be here a little longer (like another year) now that life is more stable and we want to stop spending on moving and start using our savings (and saving more) for a house.
But, anyway, back to the bath. 
Since moving I've downsized quite a lot so the only storage we have is under the sink and in that little basket for hair stuff and the goose basket (can be seen in the first photo) for towels. I love that goose. I got it from one of our landlords who lived in the middle of the country. Its just country enough in there to stand out but blend in too. You know, without saying "yo, look at me, I'm a big awkward elephant (goose) in the room".... or many that's just me and it does say that and I'm just quirky enough to love it. The fish was from our honeymoon, driftwood from our first apartment and wedding grounds and the vintage ad we found at an antique shop in VA called the 'Fox Den'. We've had it since before Little man was born and still a little thought bubble!
Well... there Y'all have it. Hope some home-related posts is just what you needed to start your week. Now I feel like painting more... anyone with me? ha.

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