Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Day of Play

Some days we just need to play.

We had one of those days not too long ago when the cherry trees were just starting to green and the blossoms were falling all around.

This was one of those rare time when Darling was willing to take hold of the camera and capture a few sweet moments with me and my darling son.

I can not even put into words how beautiful these photos are to me. Yes, they both have their flaws but there is just something so special about being able to see me with my Button in my arms.

Of course, frolicking through the fields was also a must of such a sunny spring day full of play and fun; but one can never forget to stop and smell the flowers.

When our play was done it was time to go home, hand in hand; like father like son. But the memories will last forever.

It is the small, playful, simple days like these that are so often overlooked. Thank goodness I remembered to stop and take it in as I so frequently forget to do. thank goodness I had this time to share with them, to capture days where all we do is play in the fresh sunshine and breath in the floral fragrant filled air.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cotton Candy and Ice cream

This weekend was so memorable. Since we are counting the months until we save enough to move, our time we get to spend with family that lives nearby is so precious to us. So when my parents suggested to come up and see the cherry blossoms at the capital with us, of course, we had to say yes!

Most of the blossoms were still white but we did manage to spot about four really nice pink ones! They remind me of big fluffy balls of cotton candy on a stick. They are Gods cotton candy and they make me so warm inside.

After walking around the tidal basin we made our way to the Thomas Jefferson memorial...

with Button leading the way!

Of course, "Masa" wasn't far behind, since, after all, she's his best friend. 

After our long walk it was time to sit down and relax; so "Masa and Babu" treated us all to ice cream! 

And I mean all of us. ha

It was definitely one of those days you just want to slow down, capture, and never let go of. We are truly honored to be a part of such a beautiful world full of people who love us so dearly and earnestly.