Monday, March 16, 2015

Making It Work

Spring is finally in the air here and even though we only have a balcony now, we are totally taking advantage of every inch of that baby!
Here is a little peak into what we have going on out there. (please excuse the ugly tubs... we are going to be setting them into a built-in bench we have yet to get to).

1. tomatoes
2. cucumber
3. celery
4. bell pepper
5. cabbage
and in the right corner we have a tulip... because, why not.

6. radish
next to the radish are green beans I forgot to label
7. tulip
8. blackberries

9. thyme
10. basil
11. more cabbage
12. lettuce
13. collard
14. swiss chard (rainbow)

15. cilantro
16. rosemary
17. sage
18. parsley
19. tarragon

then we have two hanging baskets. This one has spinach in it.

and this one has more lettuce

There are also two railing planters with flowers and strawberries in them (which are already starting to make fruit!).
Inside I have carrots, chives, and onions that are sprouting before we transplant them into another pot. As things get bigger we might have to do some transplanting and moving around with them as they grow. Luckily, a lot of the herbs are from last year so I know they will do fine in those pots... for now; same with my blackberries and flowers in the railing planters (minus the strawberries I added in) .

Once more of the outdoor space is cleaned up and put together more I will have to show it off again; especially since I just got two chairs similar to this, which run $19 a pop at Ikea, I got for FREE.... by (not in) our dumpster!

So there you have it... how we are making apartment living work and not giving up on our homesteading dreams. I see a whole lot of pickle and jam making in the near future!

What have you all been up to now that the weather is starting to warm up?

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