Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Sweet Treat

Someone is deeply, deeply loved.
and when I say someone, I mean everyone in the Blanton household. My mother-in-law sent us a little sweet care package.
Button (and mommy) were so excited to dig into these.... even before "daddy" got home. ha.

He is just so well behaved. he wasn't sure if he was allowed to just take one or not.

After mommy gave the "okay" it was game on! He picked out the perfect one and dug right in!

Look at that chocolate face.  But of course, that wasn't it.

She also sent an amazing amount of stickers! Because this kid is obsessed with anything with an engine and anything that is a sticker. ha.
So that is what we are doing this valentines day week, playing with stickers and eating WAY too much chocolate all at once. (yeah... between the three of us they didn't have a change.... they are indeed gone... already *cue the sad orchestra music*).
what are you guys doing this holiday? any date nights? kid projects?