Monday, September 29, 2014

Just a bit of business

*I was not paid by anyone in any way at all to post these views of the products mentioned in this post. I'm just a photographer that is honestly excited about some nerdy photography job-related stuff :P*

I finally took the big step from using Mpix to Millard's photo labs (Millad's is actually the professional labs for Mpix) and they sent me a whole pack on all the sweet details of what my products I can offer in the future!

Not only did I get tester prints but I also received samples of all the different papers and finishes they offer,
which, I can now show as examples to clients!

It wasn't long before I started dreaming of adding this and that to my print packages and thinking but new ones too! It was a lot to go over but it was nice to have a little business partner to help go through it all. ha.
For now, I am going to hold off on any new changes to my business (other than where my prints are coming from) until we are all moved into the new locations. But, I am so excited about all the possibilities that I just had to share it with you all!

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  1. You have the cutest little business associate EVER. :) Nice to see your business progressing, too!