Friday, May 30, 2014

Yarn Balls for Boys

Since my sister and her fiancé have moved in that mint my art room needed to be moved. I picked up a buffet table, some storage baskets, and set to work making my dining room multi-functional  (more pictures on that to come)!

It turns out that even if things are in baskets if they are in Buttons reach they are fair game. Ha.

I turned around from getting a glass of sweet tea (the kitchen is within dining room view where he was playing... its chill) to find him already unwinding the yarn, holding the yarn ball and looking up at me. Caught red-handed! 

I figured since he obviously wanted to play with it, and I was watching him, that it would be okay if he kept playing with it while I snapped some cute photos (making sure he didn't get tangled in it all of course... safety first ).

Turns out yarn balls aren't just for kittens but adorable (nope not bis at all :P ) little boys too. 

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