Saturday, May 10, 2014


I am a stay at home wife. I work hard (more than most think or give credit to), I pay bills, clean laundry, cook, clean, and care for my sweet Button.... but, sometimes, all I get done all day is hanging out with this amazing, silly, little man!
The other day that is exactly what happened.

We spent the entire day just hanging out together in the house and playing "cooking" with the spice rack.

Some days are really hard, some easy, but these are the days I look forward to most. Sometimes it’s okay to leave the dirty dishes in the sink for a while; ignore the pile of clothes on the couch, and just be there for your little ones. Sometimes it’s okay to take it slow, taking in the quickly passing times and just enjoy the now; the little moments we make together that are so fleeting. 
Yeah, I'm a stay at home wife but sometimes even that can wait. 

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