Friday, May 23, 2014

Sleepy Times

We are on a much-needed vacation this weekend! Woot! That means lots sleep adjustment for the little man who has almost never slept away from home in his whole little life. Sleeping in a new house, without his daddy, and in a different 'bed' had been taking a toll on my poor little munchkin. 

Poor Button, it took three people to rock him to sleep last night.  Darling religiously puts Button to bed (which is super sweet by the way) but as he had to work before meeting me at my parents beach house (where we are staying for our vacation) it meant that I had to be the one to put him to bed last night... in a new location, without his daddy. He was not a happy camper. First I tried to rock him to bed, then my mother, then my father, and in the end... me again.
One upside is that he got a lot of bonding time with the grandparents and they got a lot of snuggle time.

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