Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moving Slow

This is pretty much what my days have been full of. 

Part of our electrical wires fried thanks to a water backup in a pipe and we have to wait until the 21st to have it fixed. So, until then, I get to hang laundry all around our balcony and on a little makeshift line I came up with.

 In a way it reminds me of Darlings and my first place. It was a little 400 square foot apartment right on the ocean. The apartment was built in the 30's and had the most stunning details in it but no laundry facilities. The apartment community had one with a little court yard in front of it with clothes lines in the middle. I remember hanging cloths all spring and summer long there. In a way, I miss that. Life seemed slower than. I didn't make time to hang laundry... I just had time to do it. My days are no shorter now... just full of different things. Something (like playing with my son, gardening, cooking, and cleaning) are good uses of my time while other *coughfacebookcough* not so much. I think to myself 'time did not change'. I still have it. It is the same; yet I find myself rushing from one thing to the next as if life was one long check list. Get dishes done, check, play with Button, check, wash the laundry, check, feed the Hubby.... and so on and so forth, but it’s not. Life is so much more than that, life is taking the time to hang the laundry. Life is sitting on the back deck, drinking an ice tea, closing your eyes, and just listening to the songs God made; the bird chirping in the trees while the baby naps (abide... with the back door open ;) ). Life is not just a check list but taking the time you have to move slowly; to take care in what you do.
Every now and then something happens that forces us to slow down a little, and while I do want my dryer fixed (bad) it’s a good reminder that it’s okay for me to sometimes just breathe, relax, and move slo

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