Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Button and I have been really taking in the views now that he is a lot more mobile and boy does this little man love the Natural Living museum! I have taken him to three different museums, the Botanical gardens, zoo, outdoor sculpture garden, and outdoor butterfly garden (though it’s a little cold still for much life there... of any kind.. even plants -.-) and this one is by far his favorite. He loves watching the fish swim around, looking at the bugs, and of course, his two favorite things to do are touching and viewing the dinosaur bones and walking through the butterfly house (which is free on Tuesdays!). Because today was a Tuesday and because there is a new wildlife photography exhibit that I just had to check out, we headed over to the museum after dropping Darling off at work.
This time I get a lot of great photos to share!

There were some really big blue ones that were new from Brazil but they were rather dull on the back sides of the wings and every time one landed it closed its wings and refused to pose for me. *sigh* always next time.
Seeing all the photos in the photography gallery has really gotten me inspired to shoot more nature. That is if there is any nature in DC. And if so, I will hunt it down and shoot it.... in a totally harmless, awesomely beautiful way. :P 

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