Monday, February 3, 2014


Busy, busy,  busy, that is how my life is right now and you know what... I love it! My Darling Button is leaning to walk and venture further and further each day making them full of chasing a baby around, a lot of falls, and even more giggles. I will have to get a video on here of him giggling because it breaks my heart in all the right ways. I want to capture it and save it in a little music box to play again and again. <3 
Aside from sprinting around the house and face planting, I have been ramping up my focus on my photography business. I’ve never been one to keep New Year’s resolutions and thus, stopped making them some time ago but this year I put my foot down. Darling told me that I needed to get my butt in gear and start shooting weddings. He's completely right. I have always wanted to shoot children and weddings from the beginning but have always been scared and nervous about shooting weddings. They are hard, stressful, demanding, and everyone is like getting thrown a curve ball because no two are alike. It didn't help that everywhere I turned some photographer was saying how stressful it is. Then I realized something... I like high stressed situations. Ha.
I like planning things, replanting things, being in the heat of the moment, and jumping in head first. Darling was right. So, I made the resolution to shoot at least ONE wedding this year. I prayed about it and asked God to give me brides and grooms who fit well with me, that he would give me the wisdom in pricing my product for those clients and that I will be able to produce work that is just what they wanted. You know what readers? I got two wedding jobs and a maybe already for this year! One is coming up in the next few months and the other two are later in the year so I will have to share a little from them as they happen. I am so honored to be able to capture the memories of such a cherished moment for these couples and their families. I can't wait to be the one to photograph such emotions. A mother helping a bride into her dress, the father crying, the husband crying when he sees her for the first time... and again, as she reads her vows, little ones running around and sleeping at the reception. Those are the things that make my passion for photography burn and I CAN'T WAIT! 

I may be busy, chasing my baby, cleaning messes, being a mommy, planning a garden, and chasing my dreams but sometimes busy is just what this gale needs.

and here's a little picture I got of the main man taking a small break from walking around.
my babies getting so big;')


  1. So much fun! I can't wait to see Button toddling all around, and laughing! :D

  2. Agreed! We are having so much fun now! Button and I go out almost every day now so he can walk around and explore while learning to walk better. We look forward to seeing you soon and enjoying lots of laughs and toddling together. ♥