Tuesday, January 21, 2014


While creating the mood board for the living room, Darling asked me if I was going to do one for his office. You know, now that we have an extra room for the first time in... Ever. Of course, I jumped on that like a dog to a couch! "hecks yeah I wanna design your office baby"! So off I went for color inspiration and design ideas. About twenty minutes in though I quickly realized Darlings color choices and design choices do not always coincide with mine. But, that is okay because this time around we got to have lot of "us" time and design a room solely for him, his taste, and minimal design input by me (I did have to veto a few patterns and desk options though... hey, I gotta do a lot of work in that room and want to feel good too you know ;) ). But the color pallet... all him. His favorite color is, no lie, salmon (don't judge dad, my man is still awesome). I actually really like the way it turned out. It’s moody, manly, and still full of pattern without feeling "heavy", like a lot of man designed rooms tent to get. I was surprised at the choices in fabric Darling chose as well as going for a bold and more modern wallpaper choice. They all tie in really well though because one is a geometric pattern and the other is a floral (and the carpet is just dark enough to keep things friendly while adding some more patterns and still letting the wall and reading chair shine).
So what do you all think? Dig’n the manly pink... err salmon? Anyone else in love with a deep moody colored wall?


office by bethanyblntn featuring distressed furniture
Oh, and the color pallet he picked out was this one from Design Seeds
sushi hues


  1. I like it. It's.....'sort of' manly....LOL :D

  2. ha. I thought so too but I really did push to add some more mascalen textures and pieces in theres so its a nice mix of both. I think the fact that the current closet in there is going to be one big book nook will make it have more of that "manly lounge" feel :P ♥