Saturday, January 11, 2014

In the Season

The snow is turning to rain; the birds are coming out to play. Spring is on its way! I know it’s a bit early to start digging into the ground just yet but as each day passes I find myself itching more and more to get my hands dirty, grow something amazing, and teach something new to my darling Button. Last year during growing season he was one month old. far too young to play in the dirt with mommy; and though we still might have some "don't eat the dirt" issues going on, I just can't wait to let him explore and share this fantastic passion of mine. My days are full of flipping through seed catalogs and pinning idea after idea for our little postage stamp yard and even if it’s too cold to go out and really enjoy the weather, I wanted to share a little sunny day inspiration for all of you like-minded friends. So whether your starting soon indoors or waiting for the sun, we can all take a little pleasure in a little link and eye candy sharing ;).

This is a great idea if your ground space is limited as mine is. by building a raised bed (with enough space for root growth) you can add extra 'ground' for growing.
Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Backyard

Here is a link for one of the most useful and helpful vegetable gardening tools I have ever tried! (and trust me when I say, I've tried every free one I could get my cheap little hands on!)
Yeah, its petty much amazing (and they don't even know how awesome I am for bragging about them :p)

I really like the idea of adding a bit of blissful falling water to the yard though I lake pretty much any square feet to have one. I found this bit of genies on Pinterest and would love to make it a statement piece on my own little deck.
Aquarium Pond
Oh yes! this is happening!

I found some great information on growing potted dwarf trees and we might even end up growing one or two on our small deck and see how it goes. Here is a good link on how to grow dwarf trees in a pot.
I hope that these get you all excited and your little green thumbs tingling... I know it does mine! Ha. 

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  1. The house we love has raised beds for gardening already built. If we get it, you'll have to come for a visit and help me plan a culinary garden for your dad. :)