Saturday, August 3, 2013


Things are moving a little slower around here these days. Most of my time is taken up playing with Button, cleaning the house, and making dinner before starting it all over again the next day. It’s nice to have a routine all worked out but in a way, I miss having adventures, exploring our area, crafting, and working on my garden. Button is teething now and that is a whole different kind of adventure all on its own I guess. It’s such a blessing to see his little budding personality coming out more and more each day. He is almost five months now and I can't wait to share with you all his five-month photo session!  The garden is growing good now and I even have about nine little tomato growing on my three tomato plants. My lettuce is flourishing immensely; to the point that Hubby and I have already harvested three salads worth from it. Because we are 'pruning' it instead of cutting off the whole stock from each plant we are able to re-harvest them about every week or so. Isn't that awesome! I love having homegrown salads. I have been working on some products to add to my Etsy shop, and hopefully bring it back to life, there is a lot that is going into that and I think most of these things deserve their own posts. I will have to get some photos together and share with you all, in depth, what is going on with each thing. Being a mother is so rewarding and it is becoming harder and hard to step away from my darling boy and get a little time to myself. Time to pull my thoughts together. Time to share with you all. I need to prioritize my life. I'm not saying that this is the end of our relationship... not even near it my friend. Just, in a way, different. I pray that it will be beneficial to us all and that I will find a balance to this new and exciting phase of my life. I pray that you all will continue to be able to and long to share it with me. After all, this is what Growing the Home is all about. If I do not learn to adjust to my new life as a mother, a housewife, a blogger, and a friend, I will become stagnant. A stagnant person is not one that is changing and without changer there is not growth or bettering one’s self. So, it is my most sincere wish that you all with bare with me as I go through these changes and growth. It might be a bumpy, not very pretty road ahead of us but it will be ours. Then again, aren't the best views down the less traveled, more adventurous paths? Let’s go on an adventure together, and adventure to find beauty in every day, to change, to share, and to grow the home that grows us.

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  1. I'm looking forward to lots of updates and lots of pictures! I need you to keep doing projects and having adventures so I stay motivated to keep up with them! LOL :D