Monday, June 17, 2013

Product Branding

I have been working on my photography business branding for a while now; from brainstorming, editing, re-editing, creating a design, creating shipping products, etc. and I am so happy to say... I'm DONE!

So here is a sneak peek of my packing branding and what each order will look like when they arrive to the customer.
I love the deer logo. I thought of using a couple of different logos and packaging ideas but in the end, I chose this clean, simple, natural look with the deer.
Why a deer, well for one, they are my favorite animal and second, I wanted to use the slogan "A fleeting moment" which meant the logo had to go with that. Then I just worked around that theme and looked for a natural feel like the wood tag with my photography businesses name on it.
I choose the pink and gray-blue honestly because I liked the way they looked together and with the more neutral colors.

This is what the inside of each box will look like (unless you order a mini session).
The "package" on the left is how the smaller prints will be wrapped to protect them from any scratches during shipping. The wallet prints, usb (if ordered), and a small thank you gift will be in the deer logo bags. Underneath the filling, the larger print/s will be placed and wrapped the same way as the small ones are.
In the above photo you can see the corner of the thank you note I will hand write to each customer.

I am so excited to have this all done and can't wait to send some out!

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