Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting it Booked

Our bookcase in the upstairs hall was majorly lacking in style and class;

Probably due to the fact that it was actually a small linen closet before we took the folding door off of it. Whatever it was, it was lacking and boring so I and Hubby got to it and added a little blink to this slim lady.
It makes me so excited now and (slightly) more motivated to get my fat booty up the stairs whenever I want a book. 

Now the bookcase stands out against the (much needed to be painted) off-white walls and adds a nice subtle contrast without being overdone.
All we did was taking out the shelves, measure the inside of the bookcase, cut wrapping paper to the correct size and then tape it up (with the tap on the backside).
Yep, that's right, we used wrapping paper for this project, not wallpaper. We decided to go this route because it’s in an apartment and we wanted to be able to take it down when we move, that, and wallpaper costs a LOT more than the wrapping paper we got. We actually got it and planned to use it for this project back in December. It was leftovers at target from Christmas so we scored it for $3! Lucky for us it only took one full roll because we neglected to think we would need more than one when we bought it. I would suggest grabbing at least two if you plan on doing a bookshelf like this, just in case.
I'm so pleased that it came out so nice and that we picked a print that actually looks like high-quality wallpaper.
So there you have it. How we turned a dull, boring linen closet into a fabulous, clever, built-in bookshelf for $3 and a little elbow grease.

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