Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keeping to a Schedule

Now that our Little Man is getting bigger, Hubby and I decided it was about time to put him on a schedule. The only issue I have had about putting him on one was that we tried it before at three weeks and he HATED it. I mean, screaming, crying, red-faced babies hated it. It didn't help that he had colic then too though. Now that we are past the 24/7 scream fests I think we are ready to try again. But what type of schedule would work? There are so many different kinds I've found online but in the end none were that terribly user friendly. The layouts I found were either extremely rigorous or complicated to fill out or read. So, in the end I decided to make my own!
It’s a little hard to see here but I think it will really work out well for use. I think this type of schedule is just what we need right now. It’s not too fussy and works around Buttons 'natural schedule' so that he is less resistant to it. It will also help me and Hubby get a better idea of what is natural clock looks like. After all, everything looks clearer all written out.
I plan on taping it to the front of the nursery's door so it will be easy to remember to fill out and keep track of. As things progress I'll try and update you all on how it’s working out for us.

Here is the link to download your own copy! Enjoy <3

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