Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flourishing with Vigour

It is amazing how in such a short amount of time so much can happen. Just a month ago my little sprouts were just starting to pop up from the ground. Now they are flourishing with such vigor.

I hope to heed the advice of my garden, to take each day as it is, to strive to better myself each moment I get, and to not allow the rains to ware me away but nourish me and grow me in some way. How exciting it will be to reap the fruit of my labor... literally! :D
May your day be filled with flavor, growth, and warmth?

Ps. I also have cucumber, pepper, chive, cabbage, lettuce, and strawberries growing but I thought it might be a little heavy on the photos. After all, one can only take so much green... unless it’s the kind in your pocket ;)


  1. What a lovely post, Beth. I can't wait to see...and TASTE your gardening efforts! I wish I had ANY skill with growing things. I guess it skipped a generation, huh?

  2. Why thank you. I sure hope they have a good harvest too. i would LOVE to share my crops with you. I know your not the best gardener but God has blessed you in many other ways that makes up for it plenty. ♥