Friday, May 3, 2013

Elegant Eclectic Wedding

Over the past few days I have been playing around with a few mood board ideas. None really stuck and after getting halfway through three of them and not finishing any I decided to take a different route. Instead of working on an idea of something I decide to work on a real even that is actually coming up. This mood board is for a close friend of mine who's to be married next year. I was so honored to make this for her and hope she really likes it. I pray it personifies her beauty, gentleness, grace, and general personality in every way. I know I truly enjoyed making it and am so blessed to have her as a friend. Rachel, you are going to be a stunning bride and a godly, compassionate wife. I wish you all the joys in the world! <3
1. This stunning dress is from Davin's Bridal 2. The cake was designed by One Sweet Slice 3. Rachel and her fiancĂ© enjoy going to wineries together so it’s only fitting to DIY table numbers on wine bottles and use wine stoppers as name card holders. 4. Roses are a classic wedding flower but these bright yellow ones are far from ordinary and add an amazing pop of color to any table scape. 5. This gray bridesmaid dress is shapes to flatter any and all body types which is great for a bride that has lots of bridesmaids of lots of shapes and sizes. 6. A white bouquet is an elegant and traditional wedding essential; adding wild flowers into it is a clever way to keep with tradition while adding an eclectic feel. 7. This tie would make a normal white undershirt and grey tux really pop while adding in the wedding colors too! 8. Yellow peonies accent bright yellow roses while carrying on the stubble eclectic feel of wild flowers. 9. using the lace from your mothers wedding dress or grandmother's wedding gown makes the moment feel that much more cherished while adding that something 'old' and something 'barrowed'. 10. These adorable wedding favors double as animal safe confetti for after the wedding to throw at the newlyweds. 11. Invitations like this are charming and feel less stuffy they most wedding invites. It adds a laid back feel and is still graphic enough for a keepsake. 12. Comfy, lovely slip-on's are a must for tiered bridal feet after a long day and can help keep the dancing and liveliness going all night!

This was such a fun mood board to make. Thank you Rachel, for allowing me to make this for you. I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle and share such a special day with you.

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