Friday, May 10, 2013

Drill School

 No, I'm not in the military but I sure did get a lot of drill school done around the house this week!
After sitting on our back deck for a full year and then sitting outside in our yard at our current place, I figured it was about time I put this container to work like I originally intended to.
I found it at Target as an ice bucket but loved the idea of turning it into a large planter. So, I held out until it was on sale, after spring was over, and snagged it half off. Because I got it last summer, I wasn't sure if anything would survive the winter in it after planting it so late in the season. So, I sort of just put it on my back patio and forgot about it... for a year! Enter a new location and tones of packing. During unpacking, Hubby asked me “are you ever going to use this thing? Why did we even get it"?! That was my cue that it was about time to getter done. 
Of course, I couldn't just pop a plant in there and call it done without having proper drainage so I pulled out the drill and got to it.
Here's the catch, I've never used a drill. True story. It turns out that there is NOT an extra part needed to make the bit stay in but the bit will not stay in unless you tighten it into the drill. Yeah, the Hubby had a ball watching me figure that one out. -.- Lesson learned. Now I can use a drill without looking like a complete ditz!
Once I grasped the understanding of a drill I just popped on my goggles (safety first!) and drilled away. 
If you are doing this, you will want to hold the drill with the bit straight down so that you don't break it (don't forget your pushing through metal) and push down on it as it drills to help it push through the metal. It will make little metal ringlets that you'll want to brush off into a pile to throw away (so you don't end up with sharp metal ringlets in your foot later). And WALLA! 
 I drilled quite a bit holes because it’s a rather large container and my bit was pretty small. Surprisingly though, it seems to work fine that way and not get clogged with dirt or not drain off enough.

 I've even started to grow some stuff in it! This is cabbage but I also have lettuce, chives, and a flower in there. I thought it was a begonia when I bought it but I'm starting to think it’s some kind of succulent because it doesn't seem to like me watering it... I might have to transplant it and add in something else later. We'll see.)
 While I was at it I drilled some holes in the bottom of this watering can that I got for mother’s day from my darling mother-in-law. She sent me it with the flowers but it had no holes in the bottom and I liked the idea of using it as a planter instead of a watering can... how cute right!?
 Here are some close-ups of my sweet mother's day campanulas.

Happy mother's day to all the women that gave us life and made us who we are today. Thank you for loving us, caring for us, and putting up with us in general.

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