Thursday, May 2, 2013

Button Two Month Photo Shoot

I love watching this little man grow. It hard to imagine that it has already been a full two months! Button is starting to lift his head up more each day and sits up like a pro.

 Button is starting to loss'n his fists and move his hands more and more each day. Soon enough he'll be waving hi!
 Sleeping is still his favorite past time... apart from crying (he has colic).

 This is by far one of his cutest poses. He loves to soothe himself between tummy time with sucking on his arm. Now, if only he would smile.
Thanks for sharing the photo dump with me. Can't wait until next month to see all the new things Little Man will learn.

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  1. He is so adorable. I can't wait to have some GiGi snuggle time on Monday!! :D